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Never miss another important, educational event from 360 Summits

  • First FREE Day                                   November 16, 2023

  • Last FREE Day                                  November 19, 2023
FREE To All Registered Attendees November 16 - November 19, 2023
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Here's What You'll Learn
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Navigating the AI Job Market: Adapt, Upskill, and Thrive

Discover how to successfully navigate the AI job market, adapt to the changes it brings, and develop the skills needed to thrive in your career. This session will provide you with practical advice, resources, and strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve, upskill, and maintain your relevance in a world where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Leveraging AI to Crush Your Competition in Business

Explore how to leverage AI to gain a competitive edge in business and stay ahead of the curve. In this session, you'll learn strategies, tools, and insights to help you crush your competition and ensure your company thrives in the AI-driven future.

Earn MORE Each Year As AI Goes Mainstream

Learn how to thrive in an AI-driven world and increase your earnings year after year, despite the widespread adoption of AI. This session will provide strategies, insights, and practical advice to help you adapt, leverage AI tools, and capitalize on new opportunities for growth.

Don't Eat Your Neighbors: Stopping The Dystopian Collapse

Examine the societal implications of AI and uncover strategies to prevent a dystopian collapse due to widespread job loss. This session will provide insights into how we can leverage AI for societal benefit, create safety nets, and promote an inclusive AI-driven economy.

Becoming BORG: The Realities of Merging Biological Systems With AI

Explore the realities of merging our biological systems with AI and the concept of transhumanism in this thought-provoking session. We'll discuss the potential benefits, drawbacks, and ethical considerations of this potential next step in human evolution.

Everything's a DEEP FAKE: Discerning the Truth in an AI World

We dive into the world of deep fakes, their increasing sophistication, and the challenges they pose to our perception of reality. We'll explore strategies for distinguishing truth from fabrication and discuss the ethical implications of this groundbreaking technology.

Merging VR, AR & AI

We examine the potential and implications of a future where virtual and augmented realities, powered by AI, become indistinguishable from our own. We'll dive into the ethical, societal, and psychological considerations of this convergence and discuss how to navigate the challenges and opportunities it presents.

AI 101: A Brief History of AI and How It Works

We demystify artificial intelligence, exploring its origins, workings, and why it matters to everyone, not just tech enthusiasts. Join us for a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand introduction to AI, designed to empower you with knowledge and perspective in this era of rapid technological advancement.

Writing Prompts That Work The First Time

Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and other AI tools by learning how to craft effective prompts that yield the desired results. Join this session to discover techniques, strategies, and examples that will help you improve your prompting skills and get better results from AI tools.

The Truth About Copyrights and AI

Discover the complex legal landscape of copyrights and AI in this informative session, where we will study the implications of AI-generated content and creations on intellectual property laws. Gain insights on navigating legal challenges and the potential impact of future regulations on AI development and usage.

Artificial Intelligence: A Philosophical Open Discussion (PANEL)

Join a panel of experts for a thought-provoking open discussion on the importance of artificial intelligence, its impact on society, and the philosophical questions it raises. Explore the potential benefits, ethical considerations, and transformative power of AI in shaping our future.

The Rise of Artificial GENUINE Intelligence

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and its potential implications for humanity. Dive into the challenges, ethical considerations, and safeguards necessary for responsible AGI development, and learn how we can work together to ensure a future where AGI benefits all of humanity, rather than posing a threat.

Who Will Be The Last AI Standing - Winning The AI Cold War

Here we'll examine the competitive dynamics of AI development, exploring the potential risks and consequences of an AI arms race. Join us to discuss how international collaboration, regulation, and responsible innovation can help ensure a more cooperative and ethical approach to AI development, fostering a future where AI serves the greater good of humanity.

Looking Back on Tomorrow - A Real-Life Time Traveler's Perspective

In this session, join a real-life time traveler from the future as they shed light on the long-term consequences of AI-driven job displacement and share valuable insights on how societies adapted and thrived in the face of change. Learn from their unique perspective on the evolution of work, education, and community resilience in an AI-dominated world.

Unlocking Your Superpower With AI

Want to explore the ways AI technologies can be harnessed to unlock your full potential, revolutionize your personal and professional life, and create meaningful change? Discover practical examples of AI-driven tools that can transform your approach to success, and learn how to integrate these technologies ethically and responsibly into your daily life.

The Biblical Significance of AI

This session dives deep into the theological and philosophical implications of AI advancements, delving into the potential impact on our understanding of the divine and our relationship with spirituality. Engage in thought-provoking discussions about the ethical considerations, challenges, and opportunities associated with the development of AI technologies that could potentially possess god-like capabilities.

Forever Gene: Using AI to Reverse Biological Aging in Humans

In this session we look at the role of AI technologies in biohacking and the pursuit of human longevity. Discover the potential implications and challenges of using AI to reverse biological aging, and learn how we can navigate the ethical considerations and accessibility concerns surrounding this cutting-edge field.

Creating Connection and Positive Impact Through AI Tools

Within this session we examine how AI technologies can be harnessed to serve humanity and create positive social impact. Explore various examples of AI-driven initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society, and learn how businesses, governments, and individuals can leverage AI tools as a force for good.

The Economic Impact of AI on the Economy / The End of Scarcity

Within this session we explore the impact of AI technologies on the economy and the potential end of traditional capitalism. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of AI-driven economies, the challenges and opportunities they present, and the future of economic systems in a world increasingly influenced by AI.

School's Out Forever: The End of Education as We Know It

In this session we investigate the impact of AI technologies on the education system and the potential obsolescence of human teachers. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of AI-driven teaching methods, and discover the future of education in a world increasingly influenced by AI.

Outsourcing Your Brain: When We No Longer Have to Think

Here we examine the implications of AI technologies on human cognition and learning, questioning whether there is still a need to learn in a world of advanced AI. Discover the potential risks and benefits of relying on AI for cognitive tasks, and how we can strike a balance between AI and human intelligence.

Harvard Homeschooling: The Future of Higher Education.

This session investigates the impact of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, on higher education and considers whether traditional institutions may become obsolete. Discover the opportunities and challenges posed by AI-driven learning platforms and how colleges and universities can adapt to thrive in the age of AI.

The Dying Art of Creativity

In this session we focus on the impact of AI technologies on art, artists, and creators, examining whether AI-generated art could signal the end of traditional artistry. Examine the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI-driven art and the future of creative artists in a world dominated by AI.

Worlds Collide: AI's Acceleration of World-wide Blockchain and Bitcoin Adoption

This session investigates the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies, examining how AI can drive the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Discover the synergies between these technologies, their combined use cases, and the future of AI and blockchain integration.

Surviving the Surveillance Age: AI Already Knows Everything About You

Here we look into the potential consequences of AI-driven surveillance on personal freedom and privacy, and how we can navigate the challenges of living in a world with increasingly sophisticated surveillance technologies. Learn about strategies for maintaining liberty and anonymity in the age of AI surveillance.

The Modern Smart Home: Paradise or Prison

Examine the potential risks and benefits of living in a modern AI-powered smart home, and learn how to protect your privacy and security. Understand the balance between convenience and potential threats, and discover how to navigate this brave new world without sacrificing your personal freedoms.

HER: I Think About My Chat-bot in The Shower

Discover the evolving role of AI in dating, marriage, and intimate relationships, as we look at the psychological, ethical, and societal implications of this digital revolution. Learn how to navigate the changing landscape of love and intimacy in a world where technology is becoming an integral part of our romantic lives.

Digital Plantations: The Moral Implications of AI and Slavery

Join us as we sink into the moral implications of AI and AGI, exploring the potential risks and ethical concerns surrounding "digital slavery" and the exploitation of artificial intelligence. Learn about the steps we can take to ensure AI development is guided by ethical principles and respects human dignity, and discuss the roles of governments, corporations, and individuals in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for AI.

AI Lawyers, Judges and Juries

In this thought-provoking session, we'll examine the evolving role of AI in the legal and judicial system, discussing the potential benefits, drawbacks, and ethical considerations of AI replacing or augmenting the roles of lawyers, judges, and juries. Learn about the ways AI can help improve the efficiency and fairness of the justice system, and join us in discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by a computer-controlled courtroom.

AI is NOT Your Guru: Mental Health in the Modern Age

This session looks at the impact of AI on mental health, exploring both the potential benefits and risks of AI's growing presence in our daily lives. Join us as we discuss the ways in which AI can contribute to or alleviate issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction, and learn about strategies for maintaining mental well-being in the modern age. Find out how governments, corporations, and individuals can play a role in promoting responsible AI use and harnessing its power to support mental health.

Digital Doctors: AI Diagnosis

In this session, we explore the potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare and diagnostics. Join us as we discuss the current applications of AI in medicine, its advantages and disadvantages compared to human doctors, and the ethical concerns surrounding AI-driven healthcare. Learn about the innovative ways AI can be used to complement, rather than replace, human medical professionals, and how we can ensure that AI-powered healthcare solutions are accessible and beneficial to all.

AIPD: RoboCops 2024

Explore the complex world of AI-driven law enforcement, discussing the benefits and challenges of using AI, drones, and robotics in policing. Learn about striking a balance between effective law enforcement and preserving civil liberties while addressing ethical concerns surrounding transparency, accountability, and bias in AI-driven policing.

AI and Warfare: Can AI Usher in World Peace or Nuclear Winter?

Traverse the complex relationship between AI and warfare, exploring the potential for AI to promote peace rather than exacerbate conflict. Discuss the ethical concerns, international regulations, and the potential for AI-driven technologies to aid in peacekeeping, disarmament, and humanitarian efforts.

The Rise of Social Credit, AI and UBI

Learn about the rise of AI-driven social credit systems and the potential threat they pose to human liberty and free speech. Discover ways to counteract their spread and promote responsible, ethical AI development that upholds democratic values and human rights.

Parenting With AI: Teaching Morals, Values and Integrity

Explore the challenges and opportunities of parenting in the age of AI, and learn how to raise children with a strong foundation in morals, values, and integrity. Discover strategies for integrating AI technology into your family life while maintaining a focus on traditional values and human connection.

Securing AI: Safeguarding Systems and Data in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

This session scrutinizes the unique challenges and threats associated with AI security, providing insights on safeguarding AI systems from hacking and unauthorized access. Learn best practices for AI system protection and build a robust defense against potential cyberattacks.

Love in the Time of AI: Navigating Human Bonds Amidst Bots and Bytes

Here we examine the impact of AI on human relationships and social interactions, exploring the balance between technology and maintaining genuine connections. Learn how AI is influencing our communication and the strategies we can employ to ensure meaningful human interactions in the AI era.

Big Brother 2.0: Guarding Privacy in an AI-Powered Surveillance Society

Within this session we delve into the world of AI-driven surveillance and its impact on privacy, exploring the balance between security and personal freedom. Learn about the current trends in AI surveillance and how individuals can protect their privacy in an increasingly monitored society.

Creative Control: Harnessing AI Without Losing Our Artistic Souls

This session examines the role of AI in creative industries and how to ensure that AI enhances human creativity instead of stifling it. Learn about the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in creative processes and how to strike a balance between human and AI collaboration in artistic endeavors.

AI in the Political Arena: Implications and Possibilities

Prepare to sink your teeth into the intersection of AI and politics, from the potential for AI to expose political corruption and promote transparency, to the risks of its misuse for spreading propaganda. Join us as we envision a future where AI might not just shape our political landscape, but revolutionize it. 

Manipulative Machines: AI and the Misinformation Abyss

Join us in this session as we delve into the complex and sometimes alarming world of AI and misinformation. We'll assess how AI may be used to both generate and combat falsehoods, discuss who's behind these narratives, and talk about what we can do as individuals and a society to protect ourselves. 

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Independent Journalism

This session dives into the transformative role AI could play in strengthening independent journalism. Join us as we assess its potential to enhance accuracy, combat censorship, and expand the reach and impact of journalism. We'll also discuss the ethical and privacy implications that come with AI's role in the press. 

Justice Reimagined: The Role of AI in Penal Reform

In this session, we explore the potential of AI to transform our penal system. We discuss how AI might aid in identifying wrongful convictions, devising effective rehabilitation strategies, and mitigating systemic bias, as well as the ethical considerations, challenges, and future possibilities of this innovative approach. Join us as we investigate how AI could make justice more accurate, fair, and rehabilitative. 

AI for Equality: Harnessing Technology for Compassionate Social Change : Social Justice 2.0

In this enlightening session, we analyze the potential of AI to be a catalyst for compassionate social change. Join us as we assess the opportunities and challenges in harnessing technology for fairness and equity. Envision a future where AI serves as a tool for fostering empathy, love, and societal transformation.

AI Unscrambled: Disentangling Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning

This session aims to untangle the complex web of AI terminology and shine a light on the distinct facets of machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. We'll take an engaging journey through these intricate techniques, making them accessible and relatable through real-world examples and insights.

Midjourney Unveiled: Redefining Visualization in the AI Era

Have your mind blown by Midjourney, a platform that's reshaping the contours of visualization and collaboration in the age of AI. In this session, we'll demystify Midjourney, exploring its innovative features and understanding its potential to transform the way we visualize, communicate, and bring ideas to life.

AI Startup Sprint: From Idea to Launch in 7 Days

Enter the future of entrepreneurship where AI propels visionaries to turn their startup dreams into reality in a mere week. This session demystifies the power of AI in the startup ecosystem, showcasing tools, tactics, and testimonials from those who've dared to redefine startup timelines. Embrace the pace and potential of AI-driven startup creation, and witness the transformation of the entrepreneurial landscape.

AI & VFX: Crafting the Future of Digital Storytelling

Embark on a riveting journey into the nexus of AI and VFX, where innovation meets imagination. This session unravels the transformative impact of AI on the VFX industry, revealing insights into its groundbreaking capabilities and the boundless potential for the future of digital content creation.

Stable Diffusion: Demystifying the Next Big Leap in AI

Step into the world of Stable Diffusion, the buzzword on every AI enthusiast's lips. In this session, we'll unravel the intricacies of this pioneering methodology, exploring its potential to reshape the AI landscape. Understand its mechanics, witness its transformative power, and get answers to all your burning questions about this game-changing concept.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Host - Zachary Judson
A veteran of the film industry, Zack helped craft the visual effects (VFX) magic behind blockbusters like The Avengers, Justice League and 50 other films.  Creating 3d VFX  'deep fakes' at the highest level and before the term entered the public lexicon, Zack’s expertise blends cutting-edge technology with artistic creativity.

With the rapid evolution of AI-driven imaging, Zack recognized his passion for computer graphics was on a collision course with another of his core pursuits, that of truth. In this era of blurred lines, Zack found clarity in Blockchain's unwavering authenticity. Motivated by his passion for truth, he established Block Leader Inc., where the company mission is to apply transparent, incorruptible systems to solve real-world problems. The collision between AI and truth has become an obsession as he foresees a disruption to our very understanding of reality, so his focus has turned to rallying thought leaders around the tough questions:  When AI generated screen visuals become indistinguishable from reality, how do we hold onto, and how do we value the truth?

Step into the future with Zack at the AI Mastery Summit. Immerse yourself in a journey that blends practical skill-building with visionary insights that will place you ahead of the curve. Together, we will learn from industry front-runners how to leverage the latest AI tools, understand where this transformative technology is headed, and even help steer the trajectory and become the creators of a better tomorrow.
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